Live Cooking Station

Cafe mara

General Information

• Time of first order: 8 AM
• Time of last order: 10 PM

Mara Cafe is a Variety Cuisine concept which have different kind of dishes from different cultures around the world. The menu include American, Mexican, Edyption, Lebanese, Emirati, Indian & Italian dishes. Our Food are fresh, and our meat is from Australia. Mara Cafe catering stations are suitable for all your celebrations and events.

Cash Order Policy: In order to confirm your booking, please deposit half of the payment by transferring the cash by:

A) Ansari Exchange

Name: Adnan MohamedSaleh Abdalla Safar Alzarooni

Contact number: 0507055554


B) Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Acc/#: 13529222

Live Station Questions

• 4 Hours (any additional hour will cost AED 100 extra charge)

• You need to provide Electrician to connect the cable to Electric Outlet
• We will provide the cable
• We should take the cable back with and customer is responsible for that

• Plates: Carton Disposable
• Cutlery: Disposable