Coffee that's always the way you like

At Mara Restaurant and Lounge, we decided to come up an idea of having a Ministry of Coffee wherein coffee lovers have an option to taste our specialty coffee in the way they like. We ensure the quality of the coffee to attain its fruitiness and freshness. Thus, providing our customers the best coffee roasters in town.

Everything You Love About Coffee.

We make sure to achieve every customer’s expectation by giving the best quality of coffee that they deserve. We are innovative and consistent in keeping up to date with the new coffee techniques and tools in order to achieve the best desirable cup wherein our coffee will surely irresistible.

Richness Worth a Second Cup

Our customers may indulge in our specialty coffee in every cup, aiming them to experience the love at first sip. We guarantee that our customers will surely satisfy and feel-goodness until to the last drop then eventually ask for a second cup.

“At Ministry of Coffee, your cup is our inspiration
and where the laws of coffee apply.”